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GIRL AT THE BAR (Conway Twitty) Conway Twitty - 1969 Don't go too far with the girl at the bar She'll only bring you misery A bottle on the table, empty glass, a trembling hand Through tear dimmed eyes I watch her as she talks to another man A picture of true loveliness, this girl I used to know But then I found she slipped around and I had to let her go Now it's all right to have a drink or two with my old used to be Or hold her while the jukebox plays a tender melody But don't go too far with the girl at the bar She'll only bring you misery Not too many months ago we planned our wedding vows And I was the man who stood where you are standin' now I believed the things she, I gave my heart away But they were lies and that is why I'm all alone today This bottle and this empty glass are all that's left for me She's found another heart to break and has forgotten me Yes, I went too far with the girl at the bar Heartaches now blur my memory To her I'm just another used to be (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - October 2010)


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