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GOOD BYE, ROSE (Herbet Ingraham / Addison Burkhart, 1910) Once a bird loved a rose, Chirp'd despondently "Oh! My love, From above, Your fading blush I see, But I cannot linger here, Winter's blasts are near Lovely flower, from your bower, I must fly I fear. Oh, Dear! With the Springtime's sunny garb, Came the love sick bird, To the tree anxiously, But still no welcome heard, For the rose sighed in vain Cried till winter's snows Half in pity Froze the pretty, Broken hearted rose he chose. Good bye Rose, the Autumn leaves are falling, Winter blows her trumpets from the sky When the snows shall melt at Springtime's calling, We will meet again, Some day so good bye Rose.


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