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GOODNIGHT VIENNA (Eric Maschwitz / Simon Posford) Billy Cotton & his Band, V. Sam Browne Also recorded by: Ambrose, Al Bowlly, Jack Buchanan, Len Fillis, V. Carlisle Cousins Franz Koglmann, Ray Noble. Goodnight Vienna, You city of a million melodies Our hearts are thrilling to the strains that you play >From dawn till the daylight dies. Goodnight Vienna, Where moonlight fills the air with mystery And eyes are shining to the gypsy guitars That sing to the starry sky. Enchanted city of Columbine and Pierrot, We know the magic of your spell, Of our romances, you’re the hero, Now is the time to say farewell. Goodnight Vienna, Now lovers kiss beneath your linden tree The world is waiting on the edge of the day Just waiting to say goodnight. (Contributed by Bill Huntley - July 2007)


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