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GOT THE SOUTH IN MY SOUL Victor Young (m) Ned Washington (l) Lee Wiley (l) 1932 Lee Wiley rec June 15th 1932 New York also rec by- The Boswell Sisters w The Dorsey Bros Orch '32 Isham Jones & his Orch '32 Don Redman & his Orch '32 When the dark night starts fallin' And the moon starts to roam, What is this thing that keeps callin'? It's the south in my soul! How I long for that delta, It's my home, it's my goal! Oughta be safe in its shelter, Got the south in my soul! Too long I've lingered in the darkness, No matter what I won; I wanna say goodbye to darkness, Spend all my days in the sun! Let me laugh there on that levee, And let me burn black as coal! I know my heart won't be so heavy, With the south, south in my soul! (Contributed by Peter Akers - October 2009)


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