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GUILTY The Pearls - 1974 As a lover you run for cover whenever trouble appears Kiss and run again, you kiss and run again Always ending in tears Youíve been floating around like a butterfly But Iím going to give you doubt *ĎCause youíve been ^found and convicted of a serious crime Caught in possession of this heart of mine And Iím locking you away for a long, long time Youíre guilty, guilty, youíre guilty of love Iím the judge and the jury and defendant, too And Iím just about to throw the book at you Youíre guilty, guilty, canít get away ĎCause youíre guilty, guilty, now hear me saying G-U-I-L-T--Y ** Now Iím on the case, keeping you in place Ainít so easy to do Donít step out of line, or youíre gonna find Iíll come a-gunning for you Just like an agent from the FBI, Iím gonna get my man (Rep from * to **, then from ^ to **) I said G-U-I-L-T-Y


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