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HAD ME A REAL GOOD TIME (Ronnie Lane / Rod Stewart / Ron Wood) Rod Stewart Steady all day! Thought I was lookiní good So I cycled ícross the neighbourhood Was invited by a skinny girl Into her high class world Left my bicycle under the stairs Laid my coat across the kosher chairs Made my way across the crowded room I had nothing to lose My reception wasnít very keen So turning on a friendly grin, Stood on the table with my glass of gin And came straight to the point I was glad to come Iíll be sad to go So while Iím here Iíll have me a real good time I was glad to come Iíll be sad to go So while Iím here Iíll have me a real good time. oh no Danciní madly íround the room, yeah Singing loudly and sortaí out of tune Was escorted by a friendly slag íround the ... back Wandered c-c-cross ... Missed my step and I fell on the floor. Said one word and was asked to leave Kindaí wish I was dead. I was glad to come And Iíll be so sad to leave, But while I was here I had me a real good time, oooh. The skinny girl made it clear, That she only came here for the beer - thatís a fact, oh yeah The vicar he simply reeked of gin - good god On my way home I happened to fall off my bicycle, good party Ooh hoo, ha ha, yeah I was glad to come, but I was also glad to get home, yeah Ooh hoo Hoo, get in there Ooh hoo [bark]


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