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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LOVE Lyrics and music by Dave Franklin Kay Kyser and his Orchestra (from "That's Right, You're Wrong" [RKO Radio, 1938] ) (Verse) Tonight a million candles fill the sky To light the way for us as we go by. 'Twas just a year ago that we both met, So here is a toast, my dear, We'll never forget: (Chorus) Happy Birthday To Love, Happy Birthday To Love. Let's go and get a cake - Thank that lucky break That let me meet you in the moonlight A year ago tonight. Happy Birthday To Love, Happy Birthday To Love. And when the clock strikes eight, Let's go celebrate The first time that I held you so tight A year ago tonight. In your eyes there was a tender gleam, A promise of a dream to be fulfilled. I was thrilled with wonderful you, And to think that dream came true. Happy Birthday To Love, Happy Birthday To Love. Dear, I see you and me - Maybe there'll be three sharing this delight Year after year after year exactly like tonight. (Contributed by Lou Rugani - The Music of the Stars - October 2009)


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