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HARVEST OF LOVE (Benny Hill) Benny Hill - 1963 I rise at six and then I feed the chicks, And I'm feeling lonesome and blue, And when I milk the cow it seems, somehow, My thoughts keep straying to you. And as the horse and I plough the field nearby, Your memory I can't erase, For while I walk at the rear of the horse, my dear, I seem to see your face. Chorus: I'm gonna sow the seed of deep devotion, fertilize it with emotion, Water it with warm desire and then I'll reap the harvest of love. Yes, I was happy as a pig in spite of the way that you looked at me, When I met you at the village dance, But you was in the ladies' excuse me at the time, I thought I would never have a chance. But you let me walk you home across Blatt's Meadow, And I knew that with you I should be a hit, 'Cause I got an old cow to get up walk away, So that you'd have somewhere nice and dry to sit. Chorus Side by side we will take a ride, In my horse and buggy one day, And when the daylight ends and the night descends, And my horse'll run out of hay, And I will kiss your lips, those tempting lips, The only ones that can thrill me, And I would hold you tight 'neath the stars so bright, If the wife ever finds out she'll kill me. Chorus to fade


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