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HE'LL CALM YOUR STORMS Phil Driscoll / Jimmy Swaggert I was out on the high seas One peaceful, peaceful night. We were all (a) sailing Everything seemed oh, alright. When all of a sudden now Oh the storm clouds were gathering, The winds began to blow. The storm was raging I could see the waves breaking. And I knew that my ship was about to go down Then I looked all around me And all my hopes were forsaken, And I needed a miracle to save me. Then I called on Jesus (then I called on Jesus) I said "Master (Master) don't You care? Please save us." He spoke to the storm, said "please be still" Even the wind obeyed Him. So just call on Jesus Say "Master I know you care" "Please save us" He'll speak to the wind, "Please be still" He'll speak to your storm. Hush. Be still. He'll calm your storm that's raging.


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