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HERE I AM From "The Boys In Company C" (Craig Wasson) Craig Wasson Uncle Sam I’m in Vietnam, It’s a jungle it’s a prison. But here I am, Dreaming of the outside and freedom, planning my get away. Far away from this one ship bay, In the south-east tip of Asia. Where I lay, Dreaming of the outside and freedom, planning my getaway. Weapon drawn I got my web gear on, I'm crawling on my belly near Khe Sanh* Dreaming of the outside and freedom planning my getaway. But there is a guard on the inside with a rifle in hand, And a guard on the outside on this government land. Uncle Sam I’m in Vietnam it’s a jungle it’s a prison but here I am, here I am... (Transcribed by Arvid - April 2003) (Transcribed by Patrick Imbeault - June 2003)


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