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HOKEY-POKEY-POLKA >From the film "As Long As They're Happy" (1955) (Sam Coslow) Diana Dors & Jack Buchanan (Film Soundtrack) - 1955 DIANA: Come do the Hokey-Pokey-Polka Dance to the Hokey-Pokey-Polka She slaps you, you slap her Then you break and slap each other First you clench, then you break it And show him you can really take it Then, if you wanta know what bliss is Go on and try it on the Missus At a party or ball you can have a free-for-all So come to the Hokey-Pokey-Polka JACK: It's the very last way down the toity-toity-toi BOTH: So come do the Hokey-Pokey-Polka (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - January 2016)


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