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HOLIDAY FOR STRINGS (David Rose 1944 (first composition) ) Sue Raney 1967 Sue Raney is an American jazz singer. David Rose was the musical director of TVs Red Skelton for it’s entire 21 year run. The lyrics for this song have an interesting story to tell. Hardly anyone has ever heard them before and practically everyone has heard the melody many, many times. When I see you smile at me I hear a haunting melody And I surrender to The tender thrill that it brings A holiday for strings Sweet music all around me. Softly as the song begins I hear a host of violins Or can it only be my lonely heart that sings A holiday for strings Because your love has found me. Through the night, a love song fills the air I hear it everywhere So sweetly telling me I ‘m yours completely. Breathes a sigh A new born rhapsody When you are close to me There’s music, never heard such lovely music. When you’re gone it fades away But when we meet, I hear it play As from above, a song of love Comes sweet and oh so clear Whenever you are near The angels play A holiday for strings. A holiday for strings. (Transcribed by David Story - September 2013)


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