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HOLLYWOOD SQUARE DANCE (Charlie Hayes / Paul Weirick) In Hollywood the latest craze Will make you want to dance for days So, grab your partner, take a chance Try the Hollywood Square Dance. For it's as easy as can be, You do it once and you will see You square your shoulders, then advance Try the Hollywood Square Dance. Ring around the rosies, Pocket full of posies, watch your little toesies As you go 'round and 'round and 'round Underneath the arches, Careful of your arches, ev'rybody marches One, two, three, four,here we go. Now if at first you don't succeed Just try again that's all you need And soon you'll find your big romance Doing the Hollywood Square Dance. Ring around the rosies, Alaman left with your left hand Back to your partner, right and left grand Pocket full of posies Swing grandma across the hall She ain't been swung since way last fall Watch your little toesies Chase that rabbit, chase that squirrel Chase that purty girl 'round the world. As you go 'round and 'round and 'round. (Contributed by Ferda Dolunay - February 2005)


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