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HONOLULU BABY From the Laurel & Hardy film "Sons Of The Desert" (1933) (T. Marvin Hatley) Ty Parvis (Film Soundtrack) - 1933 Laurel & Hardy (Film Soundtrack) - 1933 While down on a South Sea island Underneath the beauty of the stars I strayed upon some maidens Who were strumming on their guitars A hula maid was dancing And she knew I'd found my paradise So this is what I told her As I gazed into her eyes... Honolulu baby, where'd you get those eyes And that dark complexion, I just idolize Honolulu baby, where'd you get that style And the pretty red lips, and that sunny smile When you start to dance, your hula hips entrance When you shake it up and down You shake a little here, you shake a little there Well you got the boys going to town Honolulu baby, sure know your stuff Honolulu baby, gonna call your bluff


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