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HOORAY FOR LOVE! Jimmy McHugh/Dorothy Fields Originally sung by Ann Sothern, Gene Raymond, and the entire company of the 1935 RKK Radio Pictures musical comedy movie "Hooray For Love". Later by Benny Goodman featuring Helen Ward. Hooray for love! Iím having fun Look what itís done to me Iím so happy all the day Hooray for love! My head is hot, my hands are not Iíve got no dignity Thatís the reason why I sing Hooray for love! I was sad and gloomy So very hard to please Your kiss did something to me Now Iím singing while Iím swinging on the flying trapeze Hooray for love I was a tiger - now Iím like a dove If it makes me feel that way Hooray for love! (Transcribed by Ms Pamela Molyneux - November 2011)


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