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HOW ABOUT THAT Adam Faith You've got a face like an angel's face H-h-how about that You've got a look like an angel's look H-h-how about that Angel's face, angel's look Heaven didn't overlook My girl.. H-h-how about that Love wasn't home 'til you came to me H-h-how about that I'll come to call on my bended knee H-h-how about that Bless you lucky stars above Take a bow for thinking of My girl.. H-h-how about that They say that wonders can happen And you won't know sure But since you've happened I've wondered if love ever happened before So beat out the drum Let the trumpets play H-h-how about that My angel has come Let the people say H-h-how about that Let this world of marvels see Only you could ever be My girl H-h-how about that How about that How about tha-ha-hat (Transcribed & Nancy - April 2003)


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