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HOW, WHEN, OR WHERE? Reine / Moss / May as rec by David Whitfield 1954 I don't know how, I don't know when, I don't know where, But I will find you! My empty arms embrace your memory, My lonely heart cries out, "Come back to me!". No matter how, No matter where, No matter when, I'll search forever! Your love alone can end this aching pain! I need your lips as roses need the rain! If you, you alone, could be with me, I know I could save our romance! Wherever you are, please forgive me, I'm pleading for just one more chance! Please tell me how, Please tell me when, Please tell me where, I'll find you, darling! I know that we weren't meant to end apart, Come back to me and end the broken heart! (Contributed by Peter Akers - February 2010)


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