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HUNTING From "THE VAGABOND KING" Music by Rudolf Friml, lyrics by Brian Hooker and W.H.Post Sung by the Chorus on the Mario Lanza recording Hunting, hunting, after a lady- Daylight, moonlight, sunshine or shady- While you're hunting, she'll be hunting you! When you catch her, she will have caught you- All you teach her, she will have taught you- Yet she runs away when men pursue! Same old game King Solomon used to play, Still a favourite form of sport today! Hunting, hunting, after a lady- Sunday, weekday, workday or play day- Someone hunting, someone hunting you! Tally-ho, tally-ho, tally-ho, tally-ho, O! Tantara, tantara, tantara! (Transcribed by Claire Weiner - February 2014)


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