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I AIN'T GONNA GIVE NOBODY NONE OF MY JELLY ROLL (Clarence Williams / Spencer Williams - 1919) Bobby Darin & Johnny Mercer - 1961 Also recorded by: Louis Armstrong; Lizzie Miles; Muggsy Spanier; Lonnie Johnson; Pee Wee Russell; Eddie Condon; Sidney Bechet; Wild Bill Davison; Ken Colyer; Leon Redbone: .... and many others. MERCER: I ain't gonna give nobody none of my jellyroll DARIN: How `bout your short'nin' bread MERCER: Oh, I wouldn't give you a piece a pie to save your soul DARIN: I guess that's what you said MERCER: My Ma told me today, when she went away DARIN: To buy groceries MERCER: To be a good boy, she'd give me a toy 'Cause I'm my Mama's pride and joy There ain't no use of anyone to keep a hangin' `round DARIN: Maybe I'm waitin' on your Ma MERCER: You don't know my Ma, she'd really put you down DARIN: Put me down MERCER: Ma's bakin' up a storm, and her oven is still warm I know you want it, but you can't have it And I ain't gonna give you none DARIN: You dirty boy! DARIN: I ain't gonna give nobody none of my jellyroll MERCER: Oh, such a stingy chap! DARIN: I wouldn't give you a piece a pie to save your soul MERCER: How `bout a zuzu snap DARIN: Her cherry pie is fine, her layer cake divine But I'm tellin' you twice, you can't get a slice Unless you're extra special nice Now, there ain't no use of you to just keep a hangin' `round MERCER: Oh, pretty please DARIN: I love you but I hate to put you down Yeah, my jellyroll is sweet MERCER: That it is! DARIN: It sure is hard to beat Well, I know they want it MERCER: But, they can't have it BOTH: Yeah, ho-ho Miss Nelly, I mean my jellyroll MERCER: Dibs on the dishpan DARIN: I got seconds (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - August 2006) ***** AS SUNG BY LOUIS ARMSTRONG: Yes, I ain't gonna give nobody none o' my jelly roll, jelly roll I ain't gonna give nobody none to save your soul I said jelly, jelly roll Baba-doo-dit-zoo-zah-zah-zeh Aw-bah-zit-zou-ah-bah-dabba Zoo-zee-zit-zoo-ba-by-ooh-zah-zee Well, jelly roll, jelly roll, jelly roll Ain't gonna give nobody to save your soul When you see me walking down the street Down where the cats all meet Jelly, jelly roll I ain't gonna give you none (Transcribed by Monique Adriaansen & Mel Priddle - August 2006) *****


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