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I'D BE LOST WITHOUT YOU Lionel Hampton / Southern Helen Forrest with Lionel Hampton Al Spiedlock & The Nat "King" Cole Trio recorded May 10th 1940 Can't you see sweetheart, I'd be lost without you? Giving you my heart was my tribute to you! Just like a ship that sails the ocean blue, Cruising along on a course that's untrue, Facing all the hazards that all mariners do, What would I do without a skipper like you? You're part of my heart, you inspire me to do Greater things in life that I've wanted to do. You're the tick on Cupid as part of our crew; Set our sails, cruise along with happiness in view! Can't you see sweetheart, I'd be lost without you? (Transcribed by Peter Akers - March 2013)


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