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I DIDN'T MEAN TO LOVE YOU (Karen Phillip / Artie Butler) Helen Reddy - 1972 Billy Eckstine - 1973 Vivian Reed - 1973 Dionne Warwick - 1976 Also recorded by: Al Martino; Linda Magno. Sunday morning waking up and touching you You're always warm at nine a.m. Pillows close and I can feel you wanting me Then I go back to sleep again I didn't mean to love you And I never meant to care But I guess I never noticed Just how often you were there Walking on and talking till the sun went down You kept me warm with just your eyes Seems that all we wanted just came naturally We never even had to try I didn't mean to love you Didn't want to let it show No, I never meant to tell you I'm just too proud to let you know Bring back the days when we could talk away our troubles Don't tell me things have changed so much Please take the time, you know it's not so hard to do Unless there's nothing left to say I guess there's nothing left to say I didn't mean to love you But I guess I always will Guess you'll always be inside me Kind of warm and soft and still I didn't mean to need you And I didn't wanta cry I never meant to lose you I never meant goodbye I never meant goodbye (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - November 2017)


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