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I FOUND LOVE (Gary Duncan) Quicksilver Messenger Service Been waiting here a long long time, pain and trouble on my mind, You came along and made me see, oh you lifted me. Shot up everything that our money could buy, over and over, tryin' to find out why. I was a sinkin' ship on a stormy sea, oh I found love. I found love in a baby's smile, I found love in an old man's eye, I found love in a lover's kiss, ooh I found love. All my friends thought I was cryin', it's strange to see a good man going down. I gave all I had to give and you came along, taught me how to live. I want to thank you each and every day, thank you baby, for showin' me the way, I was a sinkin' ship on a stormy sea, oh I found love, love, love, I found love ...


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