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IF THAT AIN'T LOVE (Shel Silverstein) Bobby Bare - 1980 Baby I'm sorry I done you like that I called you a name and I gave you a whack I spit in your eye and gave your wrist a twist And if that ain't love, what is In front of your apartment I waited all night long To see who you'd come home with and if he done you wrong Then I slapped your face and I stepped on his And if that ain't love, what is I called up the police, swore that you stole my car Showed some naked pictures of you down at the bar Pointed out the part of me you used to kiss And if that ain't love, what is If that ain't love then a Cadillac ain't a car And if you'd rather be with him than me You're a stupider bitch than I think you are I tore up your clothes, threw 'em out in the rain Flushed your birth control pills down the drain If you don't want mine you can't have his And if that ain't love, what is I stared at your picture till I went into shock Sold my guitar and got my gun out of hock Took a shot at you, babe, but I deliberatly missed And if that ain't love, what is, what is If that ain't love, what is What else I can do to show you, darlin'? (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - May 2012)


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