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IF YOU AND I COULD BE AS TWO (Van Morrison) Them Spoken: Was on a Sunday And the autumn leaves were on the ground I kicked my heart When I saw you standing there in your dress of blue The storm was over, my ship sailed through Sings: What is this feeling, a-what can I do? If you an' I, could be relieved To walk and talk and be deceived I'd give my all and all And more I would do, oh yeah If darlin', only you and I could be as two If we could dream and by our dreams Sew this wicked world up at the seams I'd give my life and more I would do If darlin', only you and I could be as two Spoken: And baby, do you remember All the good times we had together? A-walkin' through the park A-baby then, then we could sing Give ya' all my money Ev'rything in the world that I had You told me, "That don't mean a thing" If still in darkness we could run Together, there in that mornin' sun I'd give my all, my life and ev'rything to you Whoa-yeah If darlin', only you and I could be as two Could be as two Could be as two FADES- Could be as two Baby


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