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IF YOU WERE A BLUEBIRD (Butch Hancock) Emmylou Harris If you were a bluebird you'd be a sad one I'd give you a true word But you've already had one If you were a bluebird, you'd be crying You'd be flying home If you were a raindrop, You'd shine like a rainbow And if you were a train stop, The conductor would sing low If you were a raindrop, You'd be falling You'd be calling home If you were a hotel Honey, you'd be a grand one But, if you hit a slow spell, Do you think you could stand one If you were a hotel, Well I'd lean on your doorbell I'd call you my home If I was a highway, I'd stretch alongside you I'd help you pass by ways That had dissatisfied you If I was a highway, Well I'd be stretchin' I'd be fetchin' you home


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