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I'LL SAIL MY SHIP ALONE (Henry Bernard / Morry Burns / Lois Mann / Henry Thurston) Patsy Cline - 1963 Also recorded by: Big Boy Pete; Boppin' Steve & the Playtones; Jimmie Dolan; The East Coast Bluegrass Band; Mickey Gilley; Kelli Grant; Ferlin Husky; George Jones; Jerry Lee Lewis; Del McCoury; Skeets McDonald; Moon Mullican; Willie Nelson; Ray Price; Leon Russell; Red Sovine; Slim Whitman; The Wilburn Brothers; Mac Wiseman. We've been sweethearts for so long But now you say we're thru The love we shared is now a memory I have built a ship of dreams And planned them all for you But now I guess what is to be, will be CHORUS: I'll sail my ship alone With all the dreams I own Drifting out across the ocean blue Yes, I'll sail my ship alone Tho' all the sails you've torn And when it starts to sinkin' I'll blame you Now, I gave a message to the wind To take back home to you Hoping you would hear my S-O-S I thought that you would come back home My darlin', if you knew How much my achin' heart was in distress Well, REPEAT CHORUS


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