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I'LL SI-SI YA IN BAHIA >From the film "Just For You" (1952) (Music: Harry Warren / Lyrics: Leo Robin) Bing Crosby (Film Soundtrack) - 1952 The Andrews Sisters & Bing Crosby - 1952 Lina Romay - 1952 As performed by BING CROSBY in the film "Just For You": Goodbye, thanks a lot for that champagne Kindly pour me on a plane See me off and I'll si-si ya in Bahia Goodbye, adios and fare-thee-well Tie a tag to my lapel With the name of my hotel down in Bahia Oh, will my romantic heart explode When all at once I get a load of my Maria Mamma mia No, she doesn't fall for other guys And I'm the one who put her wise to their approaches Buenas Noches Oh, it's love, aye-aye-aye and boy-oh-boy This is it, the real McCoy That's the way it's gonna stay, I guarantee ya So, all my fine and faithful friends As this charming evening ends and I go my way I pause to say I'll si-si ya in Bahia Till I bring the lady back to the USA (Instrumental Break / Dance Routine) Oh, she's mine, kinda short and Portuguese And she calls a kiss a kees But her kees is quite a kiss, I guarantee ya Love, so my chums and lovely chicks As I board a DC6 at the break of day I pause to say I'll si-si ya in Bahia Till I bring the lady back to the USA (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - February 2017)


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