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I'LL STILL WRITE YOUR NAME IN THE SAND Buddy Starcher Years Have Gone Since We Were Childhood Sweethearts Blissful Days I Shall Never Forget And I Love You Still, My Little Darlin' Though The Years Bring Me Only Regret For Many, Many Years I Have Loved You And I've Waited, But Only In Vain Now I Know I Have Lost You, My Darlin' But I Still Sing The Same Old Refrain CHORUS: For I Love You, My Darling, I Love You If I Talk, Will You Try To Understand? Makes No Difference How You Treat Me, I Love You and I'LL STILL WRITE YOUR NAME IN THE SAND Now I Know That Your Heart Was For Another And It Grieves Me More Than I Can Stand Though I've Lost The Only One That I Care For I'LL STILL WRITE YOUR NAME IN THE SAND Repeat Chorus (Contributed by Garr Norick - April 2007)


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