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I'M A BEAR IN A LADY'S BOUDOIR Cliff Edwards Cliff Edwards rec Oct 25th 1933 You may talk about your colleges, fair Harvard and old Yale, And all the universities who's banners brave the gale, And all the football heroes, their glory and renown; I never went to college, but I know I've been to town! I may not be a football hero, But I'm a star with the beautiful girls; You never see me in the thick of a fight, 'Cause I do my scoring mostly at night! I never tackle any dummies, I've played the best from near and far, No I ain't, no I'm not a football hero, But I'm a bear in a lady's boudoir! They play football on the gridiron, Where the ground is rough and hard; I do my playing on a divan, The ladies all say I'm a triple threat man! I never have to call for time out, For I'm always up to par! Oh I ain't, no I'm not a football hero, I'm a bear in a lady's boudoir! i never fought for alma mater, Because she never fought for me! The boys win a letter for not playing rough, I should get an alphabet for doing my stuff! I'm pretty good at centre rushing, That's the place I really star! Oh I may not be, I'm not a football hero, But I'm a dog in a lady's boudoir! One time I swung into action, I was rewarded with wild acclaim! The captain said to me, "You're just a little runt, As long as you've been playing you've never touched a punt!", When I removed my interference, The goal was not so very far! Oh I ain't, no I'm not a football hero, Bit I'm a l-l-lady in a l-l-lady's boudoir! (Contributed by Peter Akers - August 2008)


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