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I'M GOING SHOPPING WITH YOU >From the film "Gold Diggers Of 1935" (Music: Harry Warren / Lyrics: Al Dubin) Dick Powell (Film Soundtrack) - 1935 I'm not a salesman, but understand I know the laws of supply and demand All your demands, dear, I will supply 'Cause if it's for my baby, I'll buy Whenever you go shopping To buy a dress that's new Honey, I'll keep my eye on the dresses you try on 'Cause I'm going shopping with you When you go to the jewellers To buy a gem or two On your fourth little finger a ring's gonna linger 'Cause I'm going shopping with you Lots of shoes and stockings And plenty of new chapeaus That's what I could go for For the cute little baby inside those clothes Mmm, you go and pick the cottage I'll put the mortgage through Honey, I don't know whether we'll move in together But I'm going shopping with you Where's your basket I'm going shopping with you (Instrumental Break) Go to the beauty parlour They won't have much to do If they paint you, they're silly, they can't paint a lily But I'm going shopping with you When you go to the grocer To buy an egg or two I'll bring home the bacon, or am I mistaken About going shopping with you We can build a nest with Sweet kisses and then someday Maybe we'll be blessed with In the Pig Latin language, an aby-bay Ooh, when you buy baby blankets All trimmed in baby blue I'll be right there behind you, 'cause let me remind you That I'm going shopping with you In the basement I'm going shopping with you (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - October 2015)


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