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IíM PERFECTLY SATISFIED (Edgar Leslie, Joe Gilbert) As recorded by: Piccadilly Players, Dir. Al Starita V. Les Allen, Eddie Brandt + 1. Recorded 28th June 1929 Also recorded by: Jack Hylton & His Orchestra Whatís the good of hurrying Whatís the good of worrying When weíve all got so much to be thankful for I can stroll down a lane Leading me home again When I get there to the ones who care Iím perfectly satisfied I can rest by a brook Reading my story book Getting a breeze Ďneath the scented trees Iím perfectly satisfied I donít have to ride in motor cars I donít need a yacht I sit back and thank my lucky stars For the things Iíve got Someone to love and kiss Nothing on earth I miss Everythingís fine and the world is mine Iím perfectly satisfied. (Musical Break) (Spoken) Well, come on boys, this is where we sing again. What? Sing again? Say listen (Sung) My throat is getting sore I donít wanna sing anymore So youíre leaving us flat, huh? Well thatís that Weíre perfectly satisfied What if weíre not in tune This record is ending soon And whether itís good Or whether itís bad Weíre perfectly satisfied (Musical Break) This record is nearly over So thereís something we must decide Shall we sing any more (Not on my account) Weíre perfectly satisfied. Transcribed from John Wrightís 78 RPM Record Collection (Transcribed by Bill Huntley - July 2013)


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