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I'M TELLING THE WORLD SHE'S MINE (Maurice) as recorded by Al Bowlly with Ray Noble & his Orchestra November 20th 1930 How she laughs and how she sighs, How she pouts and grows her eyes Till they seem to reach the skies, I'm tellin' the world she's mine! How she plays and how she sings, How she stays and how she clings, And all those other things, Why I'm tellin' the world she's mine! 'Cause she's got the cutest little dimple, She's wise but she always seems so simple. How she pets and ain't it nice When she forgets momma's advice! How she loves me, ain't it fine, When she kisses, just divine, All the birdies sing in rhyme, Why I'm tellin' the world she's mine! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - December 2016)


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