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I NEARLY LET LOVE GO SLIPPING THROUGH MY FINGERS From the film "It's Love Again" (1936) (Harry Woods) Jessie Matthews (Film Soundtrack) - 1936 Bunny Berigan & His Boys (vocal: Chick Bullock) - 1936 Eddy Duchin & His Orch. - 1936 Mrs. Jack Hylton & Her Orch. - 1936 Jay Wilbur & His Orch. - 1936 Hal Kemp & His Orch. - 1936 I'm foolish, I'm silly I'm absolutely daft As a sailor on a sea of love I don't know half of half Admit it, I'll have to Almost without defence And here's the proof I'm a silly goof Without a grain of common sense I nearly let love go slipping through my fingers Oh yes, I did, I know I did Like golden sand, right through my hand But I woke in time And I saved my prize Yet though love is mine I tremble when I realise I nearly let love go slipping through my fingers Oh, yes I did, foolishly For without love, where in this world would I be? For without love, Where in this world would I be? (Transcribed by Bill Huntley - December 2004)


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