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IN LOVE WITH LOVE Lyrics: Tiny Hill - Music: Will Osborne Allan De Witt with the Tiny Hill Orchestra I never knew the time we started That later on would find us parted. I had you, but now we're though, For we were fools, in love with love. I get the blues just thinking of you; Those happy hours ... oh, how I loved you. I regret but can't forget That we were fools, in love with love. I recall with a teardrop all those joys we knew Though I try, but the tears won't stop - I don't know what to do. We'll drift apart, and you'll forget me - My aching heart will never let me forget you You know it's true, For we were fools, in love with love. (Transcribed by Lou Rugani - The Music of the Stars (WLIP) - September 2011)


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