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IN THE OLD BAZAAR IN CAIRO (Charlie Chester / K. Morris / Clinton Ford) Clinton Ford Sand bags, wind bags, camels with a hump, Fat girls, thin girls, some a little plump, Slave girls sold here, fifty bob a lump, In the old bazaar in Cairo. Brandy, shandy, beer without a froth, Braces, laces, a candle for the moth. Bet you'd look a smasher in an old loin cloth, In the old bazaar in Cairo. You can buy most anything, Thin bulls, fat cows, a little bit of string, You can purchase anything you wish, A clock, a dish and something for your Auntie Nellie, Harem, scarem, what d'ya think of that, Bare knees, striptease, dancing on the mat, Umpa! Umpa! That's enough of that, In the old bazaar in Cairo. Rice pud, very good, what's it all about, Made it in a kettle and they couldn't get it out, Everybody took a turn to suck it through the spout, In the old bazaar in Cairo. Mamadan, Ramadan, everything in style, Genuine, beduine carpet with a pile, Funny little odds and ends floating down the Nile, From the old bazaar in Cairo. You can buy most anything, Sheeps eyes, sand pies, a watch without a spring, You can buy a pomegranate too, A water-bag, a little bit of hokey pokey, Yashmaks, pontefracts, what a strange affair, Dark girls, fair girls, some with ginger hair, The rest of it is funny but they censor it out there, In the old bazaar in Cairo.


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