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I PAID MY INCOME TAX TODAY (Irving Berlin) Danny Kaye - 1942 Gene Autry - 1942 I said to my Uncle Sam "Old Man Taxes, here I am" And he Was glad to see me Mister Small Fry, yes, indeed Lower brackets, that's my speed But he Was glad to see me I paid my income tax today I never felt so proud before To be right there with the millions more Who paid their income tax today I'm squared up with the U.S.A. You see those bombers in the sky Rockefeller helped to build 'em, so did I I paid my income tax today I paid my income tax today A thousand planes to bomb Berlin They'll all be paid for and I chipped in That certainly makes me feel okay Ten thousand more and that ain't hay We must pay for this war somehow Uncle Sam was worried, but he isn't now I paid my income tax today I paid my income tax today I never cared what Congress spent But now I'll watch o'er ev'ry cent Examine ev'ry bill they pay They'll have to let me have my say I wrote the Treasury to go slow Careful, Mister Henry Junior, that's my dough I paid my income tax Now you've got all the facts I know you'll pay your taxes too (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - April 2015)


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