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IRISH FREE STATE Traditional Celtic I went to see David, to London to David, I went to see David, and what did he do? He gave me a Free State, a nice little Free State A Free State that's bound up with Red, White and Blue. I brought it to Dublin to show to Dail Eirann I brought it to Dublin, and what did they do? They asked me what kind of a thing was a Free State, A Free State that's tied up with Red, White and Blue. "Three quarters of Ireland a nation," I told them, "Tied on to the Empire with Red, White and Blue; And an oath they must swear to King George and Queen Mary An oath they must swear to the son-in-law new. I'm teaching them Irish and painting their boxes All over with green, sure, what more can I do? Yet they tell me they want just an Irish Republic Without any trimmings of Red, White and Blue!


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