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IT AMAZES ME (Cy Coleman / Carolyn Leigh) Tony Bennett - 1958 Blossom Dearie - 1958 Joyce Breach - 1994 Marian Montgomery - 1996 Jack Jones - 1998 Marie Bergman - 1998 Gary LeMel - 2001 Also recorded by Kaye Ballard; Dolores Hope; Kitty Kallen; Liza Minnelli; Julie Wilson; Norma Winstone; Billy Stritch; Bobby Short. My height ..... just average My weight ..... just average And my IQ is like you'd estimate, just average But evidently she does not agree Consequently, if I seem at sea ..... It amazes me It simply amazes What she sees in me Dazzles me, dazes me That I've learned to clip my wings And soften my ways These are ordinary things Unworthy of praise Yet she praises me Just knowing I'd try for her When so many would If they could Die for her I'm the one who's worldly-wise And nothing much phases me But to see me in her eyes It just amazes me (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - January 2004)


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