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I THREW IT ALL AWAY (Bob Dylan) Bob Dylan - 1969 Yo La Tengo - 1989 George Fox - 1990 Elvis Costello - 1992 Also recorded by: Jimmy LaFave; Cher; Scott Walker. I once held her in my arms, She said she would always stay. But I was cruel, I treated her like a fool, I threw it all away. Once I had mountains in the palm of my hand, And rivers that ran through ev'ry day. I must have been mad, I never knew what I had, Until I threw it all away. Love is all there is, it makes the world go 'round, Love and only love, it can't be denied. No matter what you think about it You just won't be able to do without it. Take a tip from one who's tried. So if you find someone that gives you all of her love, Take it to your heart, don't let it stray, For one thing that's certain, You will surely be a-hurtin', If you throw it all away.


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