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IT'S A BIG, WIDE, WONDERFUL WORLD From the Broadway Revue "All In Fun" (1940) (John Rox) Wynn Murray & Walter Cassel (Broadway Production) - 1940 Deanna Durbin - 1947 (featured in DVD film version For The Love Of Mary 1948) Not found in final film print version. Buddy Clark - 1949 Dean Martin (feat. in the film "3 Ring Circus") - 1954 Nelson Riddle & His Orch. - 1959 Les Baxter & His Orch. - 1961 Peggy Lee - 1963 Stan Kenton & His Orch. (vocal: Jean Turner) - 1963 Betty Carter - 1964 Hugh Shannon - 1978 Also recorded by: Vaughn Monroe; Joan Regan; Heidi Bruehl; Ronnie Ross; Arthur Murray & His Orch; Jay & The Americans. It's a big, wide, wonderful world you live in When you're in love, you're a master Of all you survey You're a gay Santa Claus There's a brave, new, star-spangled sky above you When you're in love you're a hero A Nero, Apollo The Wizard of Oz You've a kingdom, power and glory The old, old, oldest of stories Is new, true You've built your Rome in just one day Life is mystic A mid-summer's night you live in A Turkish delight, you're in heaven It's swell when you're really in love It's swell when you're really in love


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