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IT'S DIFFERENT WHEN IT HAPPENS TO YOU Nolan / Shaffer as rec by Anita O'Day w Will Bradley & his Orch September 1947 I've read about love in the story books, How a kiss could go to your head; And I've read about love in the movie magazines, This is what they said; When someone else is cryin' their eyes out in vain, To you it doesn't matter for your heart feels no pain; You think that you're immune because you've never been blue, But it's different when it happens to you! When someone else is dreamin' of love in despair, Don't toss your head and smile and say, "Not my affair!"; Just watch your P's and Q's around that somebody new, It's different when it happens to you! I've learned love, love is a game, Game that no fool ever learned; But I was a fool, fools play with fire, Fools always seem to get burned! When someone else keeps tellin' you that fate is unkind, Don't laugh and say, "Fate, that is a sad state of mind!"; Be careful not to fall in love with someone untrue, It's different, baby, when it happens to you! Different, baby, when it happens to you! (Contributed by Peter Akers - March 2009)


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