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IT'S EASY TO FALL IN LOVE (Pete Wendling / E. Ray Goetz) Ben Selvin & His Orch. (vocal: Eddie Walters) - 1930 Do a little cooing, soft and low Like you'd imitate a dove You'll attract that kind so difficult to find It's Easy to fall in love When you've got 'em going, take your time Never mind the moon above There is just one thing, go on and get the ring It's easy to fall in love Take a tip, take a tip from a sailorman Who sailed the briney foam Had a girl, had a girl in ev'ry port And never lost a home When you know you got 'em where you want Give 'em just a little shove If they neck, neck, neck and forget the double check It's easy to fall in love (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - November 2014)


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