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IT'S SO PEACEFUL IN THE COUNTRY (Alec Wilder 1941) written for and first recorded by Mildred Bailey 1941 as recorded by June Christy with Orchestra conducted by Pete Rugolo 1957 The skyline of New York is a splendid sight, I know Chicago's Loop is magical at night. The natives of Cleveland, of 'Frisco and Boston, And natives of cities a stranger gets lost in, All of them tell you their city is the best, >From deep in the south and from out in the west! Perhaps its all true, But from my point of view - It's so peaceful in the country, It's so simple and quiet, You really ought to try it! You walk about And talk about The pleasant things in life. It's so restful in the country, It's the right kind of diet, You really ought to try it! You read a book Or try to cook Like any good man's wife. City living is a pretty living, It's so full of unexpected thrills. But there's too much stone, Too much telephone, There's too much of everything But trees and hills! It's so peaceful in the country, It's so simple and quiet, Someday you're bound to try it! The only place to be, The place for you and me, Where it's peaceful in the country! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - September 2015)


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