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IT'S SQUARE BUT IT ROCKS (Music: Freddie Slack / Lyrics: Carl Sigman) Will Bradbury & His Orch. (vocal: Ray McKinley) - 1941 Count Basie & His Orch. (vocal: Helen Humes) - 1941 as recorded by Count Basie & his Orchestra (vocal - Helen Humes) January 1941 When the cats come out to play And they jump the night away, You should take a look at the dance floor, It's square but it rocks! As the band begins to bounce, Folk come on in large amounts, And the things that they do to the dance floor, It's square but it rocks! Pretty soon a fair haired twosome Does a little step or three, When the others start to do some, It looks like a jitter jamboree! If they choose to sit one out, Even then they stamp and shout, And the room resembles a dance floor, It's square but it rocks! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - April 2014)


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