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IT'S WHAT YOU SAY (David Gates (m & l) 1981) As released by David Gates 1981 If you wanta rock me, do it to me gently Stroke me with style, don't beat me half to death Just 'cause you got a big amplifier That don't mean you always gotta crank it higher It isn't how loud you play, it's what you say. If you wanta soul me, don't get down too funky You're too low your message won't get through Tryin' to get the words is aggravatin' Especially when the singer ain't enunciatin' It isn't how loud you play, it's what you say. (bridge) If you wanta sing of love don't make it silly Tell it like you feel, but don't add nothin' else When the tour's over and you're home at last Squeeze your old lady, but make her last It isn't how loud you play, it's what you say. It's what you say... It's what you say... Wheeee It's what you say... (fade) Notes: < It's What You Say > was released as a 'B' side 45 rpm single. The 'A' side was < Take Me Now > David Gates, an American pop singer, composer and arranger, was the lead singer for the well known pop group, Bread. Springing from a strong musical background, he became very adept at piano and guitar at an early age. He can be immediately identified by his distinctive piano style of chording. Arguably < Never Let Her Go > 1975 and the < Goodbye Girl > 1978, as well as this song < Take Me Now > are amongst his better, perhaps even best known lyrics/songs. (Contributed by David Story- April 2014)


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