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IT WAS JUST A LITTLE WALK IN THE SUN Title Ballad from the film "A Walk In The Sun" (1945) (Music: Earl Robinson / Lyrics: Millard Lampell) Kenneth Spencer (Film Soundtrack) - 1945 It was just a little walk In the warm Italian sun But it wasn't an easy thing And poets are writing The tale of that fight And songs for children to sing Let them sing of the men of a fighting platoon Let them sing of the job they've done How they came across the sea to sunny Italy And took a little walk in the sun It's that walk that leads down Through a Phillipine town And it hits Highway Seven, north of Rome It's the same road they had Coming out of Stalingrad It's that old Lincoln Highway back home It's wherever men fight to be free (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - March 2009)


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