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I'VE WAITED SO LONG (Jerry Lordan) Anthony Newley - 1959 Also recorded by : Cal Tjader. (So long, I've waited so long, So long, I've waited so long) I've waited so long, a lifetime it seems For someone to step right out of my dreams All that an angel could be And meant for only me. Play me a tune, haunting and blue Tell me of dreams that never come true Sing me a lonely song Till she comes along It will be so wonderful When love comes my way No more lonely hours They'll just fade away Some day we'll meet, somewhere I know We'll kiss and say "I love you so" Darling, surely I can't be so wrong For I've waited, yes I've waited So very lo-o-ong So long, my darling So long, my darling, darling (Transcribed by Bill Huntley - January 2005)


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