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JACK-IN-THE-BOX (Earl Reeves, Sherman Myers) As recorded by: BBC Dance Orchestra, Dir. Henry Hall V. Dan Donovan Recorded 2nd December 1935 Jack-in-the-box had never seen the light Living inside his box all day and night Silvery-locks the fairy saw his plight Let him out one day Jack-in-the-box was happy to be free Said to the fairy, “Won’t you marry me?” Silvery-locks his wife became and she Nagged his life away Every night she told him all the little trials and troubles He’d get cross and up and down he’d spring with rage Then she’d scream and get so angry that she’d blow big bubbles So for peace he’d jump inside the parrot’s cage (Musical Break) Jack-in-the-box, Silvery-locks, Baby he rocks in the cradle to and fro But now there are three Though he is free Wishes that he could again be back in the box. (Transcribed from John Wright’s 78 RPM Record Collection by Bill Huntley -November 2013))


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