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JAMBO (WEST OF ZANZIBAR) Anthony Steel & the Radio Revellers ^Jambo, happy meeting you Jambo, thatís how do you do Jambo, is the greeting you Will get just west of Zanzibar Jambo, when you say hello Jambo, also when you go Jambo, wish you neednít, though They say just west of Zanzibar^^ To see you will always be a pleasure A lovely treasure for my memory To leave you will always be a sorrow Letís hope tomorrow will bring you to me (Rep from ^ to ^^) To find you is all I ever asked for Sweet friendship lasts for the rest of my days Iíll be true and you will always know it Iíll always show it in so many ways (Rep from ^ to ^^) You just say Jambo, west of Zanzibar


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