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JAZZBO BROWN FROM MEMPHIS TOWN George Brooks as recorded by Bessie Smith with Fletcher Henderson (piano) & Buster Bailey (clarinet) March 18th 1926 New York Don't you start no crowin', lay your money down, I've got mine on Jazzbo, that mis'able clown, that hound! He ain't got no equal, no way in this land, So let me tell you people 'bout this Memphis man. Jazzbo Brown from Memphis Town, He's a clown, that hound! He can't dance, he can't sing, But lawdy how he can play that thing! He ain't seen no music school, He can't read a note, But 's the playin'est fool On that Memphis boat! When he wraps his big fat lips Round that doggone horn, Helpin' out on sin and cheer, Lord, carryin' on! I could dance a mon' ago If that fool would only blow! Jazzbro brown, that clown, that hound, From Memphis Town. Jazzbo Brown from Memphis Town, He's a clown, that hound! When he blows and pats his feet, Makes a butcher leave his meat! He don't play no classic stuff, Like them Hoffman Tales, What he plays is good enough For the Prince of Wales! He can moan an' he can groan, I ain't foolin' you! There ain't nothin' on that horn That old Jazz cain't do! That sure does mark your card, And I'll give you all the odds On Jazzbo Brown, that clown, that hound, From Memphis Town. (Transcribed by Peter Akers - October 2012)


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